Lighting & Caring for Your Wood Wick Candle

woodwick candle xl

The Unique Beauty of Wood Wicks:
Wood wicks, with their distinctive crackling flame, offer an ambiance like no other. However, they do have their quirks. Here's a guide to help you enjoy the best from your HKHNCO candle.

1. Lighting Your Candle:
Wood wicks might challenge you a bit initially, but their unique charm is worth the effort.

  • Tilt Technique: Hold the candle at a 45-degree angle, letting the flame travel across the wick's length.
  • Persistence Pays: If it doesn't catch the first time, don’t worry. It might take a couple of tries to achieve a robust flame.

2. First Burn is Crucial:
To ensure longevity and even burning, let the wax melt across the candle's top surface up to the jar edge before snuffing it out. This initial burn might take between 1 to 4 hours and prevents the unwanted tunneling effect or leftover wax clinging to the vessel's sides.

3. Wick Maintenance:
Regular upkeep ensures a cleaner and brighter burn.

  • Trim Before Relighting: Using a tissue or a piece of paper towel, gently pinch off the ash from the wick's tip. This exposes a fresh section of the wood wick for an easier relight and keeps away black ash.

Safety First:
Candles bring warmth and light, but they also demand respect. Always adhere to candle safety guidelines. And remember, never leave a burning candle unattended. Enjoy the serene ambiance responsibly.